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As the time moves on , slowly and slowly, one can't help but wonder that the expressions of sex, has changed, so much so , that is hardly recognizable to time in its original context. Sex today has become an identity, an expression of who we are.. And forgive me for presenting my thesis, but I think that Sex and the City has played a major role in bringing the word "SEX" to even the far reached areas of the world. 

Sex and the City has been an entire era in itself, and has helped convert the discreet word into a common everyday expression of one's self.. and may we all salute the four ladies.. esp. Samantha Jones...

For many today, Sex and one of its various variations is what we are... and how we must be seen.. let it be from kinky, to domination, to roleplay..

"I love playing doctor nurse..its such a turn on"

"I get so hot when he tells me to do exactly as he says"

So much so that sex in itself has become an outlet to fulfill many of our fantasies,,, which can get very brutal at some points... but is it justifiable? 

It seems that it would take more than just the women right movement to have the seed deep planted in to the genes of both women and men, to be rooted out.... A million dollar industry today runs on this very assumption.. half of its contents convincing you that women do ina-fact love being insulted, humiliated, chained, burned, and then fucked.... which would be their biggest orgasm to date....if you follow the above mentioned steps...

One cant help asking why is it that the expression of sex has changed so much - that from being a simple act of breeding to a romantic getaway- and now to a domination/submissive culture....What has happened that has so revolutionized this expression so much that canine, and hardcore are a common part of half of the chat rooms vocabulary?

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