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SATC and traveling

Hi all! How is everyone!

I LOVE SATC! And I had this idea. I'm from Mass and I'm going to NY for free this summer with my work. The hotels put us up and pay for 3 meals a day and all of our alcohol and even might spot us a free spa treatment so I'm making a list and I need some ideas from you all. I want to do 10 things in NY that have anything to do with SATC.

My list thus far:
1. Bikini Wax (like Carrie did)
2. Cosmo*

This is a fairly new idea and I have at least 2 months to plan *EEEE!* But any ideas would be helpful thanks
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how about a carriage ride in Central Park (like carrie & big in "i heart ny")?
buy a pair of manolo's and go out dancing at one of the clubs from the show.
you could also do a sex and the city bus tour
They have a Sex And The City tour (I have gift certificates as a wicked storm hit NY the weekend we were supposed to go.) If you can get the block of time free I'm sure it would be sooo worth it!